Making the previous example more Springy..

.. and using the DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator!

Spring AOP with custom Annotation without AspectJ example!

A what example did you say?

All 4 Available Advice Types in Spring..

..! Yes I know I said 4! Check this if you do not believe me! It is not 5, it is 4. (long pause) unless(sss) you are using AspectJ support! Then you get AfterFinally, which is not available here!

BeanNameAutoProxyCreator & DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator examples!

Keyword here is: AutoProxyCreator!

What is the difference between JdkRegexpMethodPointcut..

and RegexpMethodPointcutAdvisor?

JdkRegexpMethodPointcut example!

J-- D-- K-- Regexppp what?

Making use of autoProxyCreator!

slightly modifying the previous example!

Advice - Advisor - NameMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor

in yes particular order!

AspectJ with Spring with XML Configuration!

Autoproxy in action!

Lets Introduce the AspectJ Annotation!

to the previous example!

ProxyFactoryBean example!

In other words, lets modify the previous example!

NameMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor example!

I admit, I am a slow learner!

MethodInterceptor Example..

with some notes..

Pure Spring AOP - MethodBeforeAdvice example!

together with ProxyFactory and no Application Context!