What can you switch on?

For future reference!

Java Inner Classes..

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..

Anonymous Inner Classes!

Plain Old VS Argument-Defined!

Mehod Local Inner Class Example..

.. with some notes!

Inner Class - Hello World..

A very simple Inner Class example, focused on Inner Class being able to access Outer Class' private member.. (Relax, it is fine..)

Paving my own Path..

In other words: Path related examples..

My Notes on: How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading..

.. Part 1! Link to the book!

Java Scanner with Regex Hello World..

..for future reference!

Regex Hello World..

.. with Java Standard Library!

Playing with Locale in Java..

Locales everywhere, effecting (affecting?) everything!

Locale related methods in Java..

.. just a small reference I might check later.

Lock & Condition Example..


A Simple Example With Lock..

.. AtomicInteger and synchronized block!

How to get Row Count with JQL?

.. in JPA!

Experimenting with JPA 's flush()..

.. and not being able to come to a concrete conclusion!

A simple Callable and Future example..

.. with Java 1.7 style of Exception Handling!

CopyOnWriteArrayList example..

.. where it is used instead of a plain old ArrayList!