Extended Persistence Context and merge() example in JPA!

So I was reading this page..

MappedSuperClass example!

Documentation is here!

Moving forward with toy Standalone JPA Project..

.. which utilizes a few more things including H2DB in auto server mode, Named Query example and an EntityListener!

Add c3p0 to previous example..

.. and refactor it a little to harness Dependency Injection!

Standalone JPA Example with Hibernate Implementation..

Turns Java Logging OFF, uses h2db in server mode and comes with Silent Maven Exec Plugin!

setAutoCommit(false) Hello World example!


Another Cage Match: DriverManager vs MysqlDataSource vs BasicDataSource!

Who knew MySQL Java Connector came with a DataSource?!

Refactoring a Spring + Swing (MVC) Application from developerWorks / IBM..

.. and removing the Spring framework, and fixing just a very tiny bug in the way..

SwingyNotes design modified..

Initial is here!

Trying to understand the Model - View - Controller Pattern..

.. without success!

Ten Things He Hates About Object - Oriented Programming..

.. and Programming Paradigms!