Making the previous example more Springy..

.. and using the DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator!

Spring AOP with custom Annotation without AspectJ example!

A what example did you say?

All 4 Available Advice Types in Spring..

..! Yes I know I said 4! Check this if you do not believe me! It is not 5, it is 4. (long pause) unless(sss) you are using AspectJ support! Then you get AfterFinally, which is not available here!

BeanNameAutoProxyCreator & DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator examples!

Keyword here is: AutoProxyCreator!

What is the difference between JdkRegexpMethodPointcut..

and RegexpMethodPointcutAdvisor?

JdkRegexpMethodPointcut example!

J-- D-- K-- Regexppp what?

Making use of autoProxyCreator!

slightly modifying the previous example!

Advice - Advisor - NameMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor

in yes particular order!

AspectJ with Spring with XML Configuration!

Autoproxy in action!

Lets Introduce the AspectJ Annotation!

to the previous example!

ProxyFactoryBean example!

In other words, lets modify the previous example!

NameMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor example!

I admit, I am a slow learner!

MethodInterceptor Example..

with some notes..

Pure Spring AOP - MethodBeforeAdvice example!

together with ProxyFactory and no Application Context!

Spring AOP with only context dependency!

No AspectJ Weaver or any other AspectJ dependency!

Named Pointcut example!

For future reference!

Hello World!

I might be onto something here!

Modifying the previous example!


Aspect Oriented Spring Hello World!

together with some notes!

Logging with Apache Commons + Log4J in a Maven Web App Project

Hello World!

Serve Image from Servlet Example..

.. nothing special really!

Autowire byName example!

in XML configuration!

Autowire byType example!

in XML configuration!

Spring Framework - Bean Overriding Example!

One Context - Multiple Configuration Metadata Files!

Spring Framework Hello World - 2

Annotation configuration - Java Bootstrap in a Standalone Java App!!

Spring Framework Hello World

XML configuration - Java Bootstrap in a Standalone Java App!

My notes on "What is Software Design?"

by Jack W. Reeves!

How to make a plain old class run a method in a separate Thread?

in other words: a class that neither extends Thread nor implements Runnable!

How to make a Runnable start a new Thread at the time of instance creation?

.. in other words from within the constructor!

Grumbling on "How to Read a Book"...

.. from Chapter 1!

What can you switch on?

For future reference!

Java Inner Classes..

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..

Anonymous Inner Classes!

Plain Old VS Argument-Defined!

Mehod Local Inner Class Example..

.. with some notes!

Inner Class - Hello World..

A very simple Inner Class example, focused on Inner Class being able to access Outer Class' private member.. (Relax, it is fine..)

Paving my own Path..

In other words: Path related examples..

My Notes on: How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading..

.. Part 1! Link to the book!

Java Scanner with Regex Hello World..

..for future reference!

Regex Hello World..

.. with Java Standard Library!

Playing with Locale in Java..

Locales everywhere, effecting (affecting?) everything!

Locale related methods in Java..

.. just a small reference I might check later.

Lock & Condition Example..


A Simple Example With Lock..

.. AtomicInteger and synchronized block!

How to get Row Count with JQL?

.. in JPA!

Experimenting with JPA 's flush()..

.. and not being able to come to a concrete conclusion!

A simple Callable and Future example..

.. with Java 1.7 style of Exception Handling!

CopyOnWriteArrayList example..

.. where it is used instead of a plain old ArrayList!

Playing with new features in Java 7..

related to Exceptions!

assert related practice questions!

without answers! Good luck!

CallableStatement Examples!

..using the Sakila Database!

Reusing a Statement Object..

.. and the ResultSet!

H2DB supported ResultSetTypes..

.. using DatabaseMetaData!

ResultSetMetaData Hello World!

Get information about the table you are playing with using ResultSetMetaData.

A simple JDBC - Commit & Rollback related question!

Extended Persistence Context and merge() example in JPA!

So I was reading this page..

MappedSuperClass example!

Documentation is here!

Moving forward with toy Standalone JPA Project..

.. which utilizes a few more things including H2DB in auto server mode, Named Query example and an EntityListener!

Add c3p0 to previous example..

.. and refactor it a little to harness Dependency Injection!

Standalone JPA Example with Hibernate Implementation..

Turns Java Logging OFF, uses h2db in server mode and comes with Silent Maven Exec Plugin!

setAutoCommit(false) Hello World example!


Another Cage Match: DriverManager vs MysqlDataSource vs BasicDataSource!

Who knew MySQL Java Connector came with a DataSource?!

Refactoring a Spring + Swing (MVC) Application from developerWorks / IBM..

.. and removing the Spring framework, and fixing just a very tiny bug in the way..

SwingyNotes design modified..

Initial is here!

Trying to understand the Model - View - Controller Pattern..

.. without success!

Ten Things He Hates About Object - Oriented Programming..

.. and Programming Paradigms!

JSF - File - Download!

Just for reference!

Java Standard Edition Root Packages..

Took me 2 minutes to extract from here, a good reference, no?

Trying to understand "Object - Oriented" programming..

Notes to myself from this post!

"switch" related practice questions..

practice makes perfect!

Vigenere Cipher Implementation in Java..

I was inspired by "The Code Book". Explanation here!

Simple Substitution Cipher Alphabet Generator in Java..

Give me a unique key and the plain alphabet, and I shall return you the Cipher Alphabet!

String and arrays related exercise questions..

.. without answers! Ha ha!

Apache Commons Logging + Log4J 2 + Maven Assembly Plugin + Maven Exec Plugin!

just another one!

Casting, primitive types, literals in Java - Part 00

All those bits getting truncated!

When do I need (not) to cast summation of bytes in Java?

It is about constant expressions and compile time constant expressions and constant variables!

My Notes on Java Operators..

What is the difference between a character set and encoding?

And while we are at it, what is collation?

A very simple Java Challange..

.. on operator precedence & bit-wise operators and conditional operators!

Object Oriented Programming to Callback Functions..

.. or the other way around!

My Notes from "The Code Book"

Another Caesar Cipher implementation.. Java. As Usual..

Caesar Cipher implementation in Java..

.. with some maven magic going on..

nand2tetris - Project 12

Screen.jack implementation!

nand2tetris - vm translator and..

.. Jack Analyzer!

Maven Hello World..


Iterating over an array in..

.. Hack Assembly Language!

nand2tetris - Fill Screen..

..while a key is pressed..

synchronized block vs AtomicLong

Cage Match!

Threads 101..


wait - notify example in Java..

from this book, which I like a lot!

Tribute to "The Office"

That box almost hits the corner!

Weird Arrays.asList in Java!

and the other way around!

Overriding and Overloading Example..

.. with inheritance!

My Notes on "The Cathedral & The Bazaar"

by Eric S. Raymond! Here is the link to the book!

How to print the directory tree of the current directory with Java?

.. for no reason!

Printing date in all Locales..

.. available in Java .. .. for no reason..

Java - Handle and Declare example..

.. with all those nice "caused by"s and "... x more"s!