How to start MySQL in Standalone mode?

  • Download the zip file from here. (File name:
  • Extract in any folder you like.
  • Create a folder for your mysql data, for me it is: C:/Dev/mysql-data
  • Run the command: bin\mysqld --initialize --datadir="c:/Dev/mysql-data"
  • Start mysqld for the first time with: bin\mysqld --skip-grant-tables --datadir="c:/Dev/mysql-data"
  • Login to mysql and use database mysql, change password for root user and set password_expired to NO.
UPDATE USER SET authentication_string = PASSWORD('your new password') WHERE USER = 'root';
  • Shutdown mysql: mysqladmin -u root shutdown
  • From now on you can just start with: bin\mysqld --datadir="c:/Dev/mysql-data"