How did I work with port:80 and https in my local environment..

.. with Tomcat?

Standalone Java MVC application with JPA and..

Hibernate and c3p0 and Many to Many mapping using Sakila DB to show some information to the user based on selections!

JPA Standalone Example with Many to Many..

.. using the Sakila Database!

How to start MySQL in Standalone mode?

  • Download the zip file from here. (File name:

Standalone JPA Example with C3P0 Connection Pool..

.. and H2 Database in Server Mode where Hibernate is the implementation for Java Persistence API!

Switching to non-jta-datasource in persistence.xml..

and not being able to unit-test my code anymore!

Clean Data Objects and Classes!

Notes from Clean Code - Chapter 4!

Clean Code - Functions.

Notes from Clean Code - Chapter 3!

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