Manual Dependency Injection in a Web App..

.. example. Or maybe I should say manual Application Context example.

My JNDI Notes..


Tomcat Connection Pool vs Apache Commons DBCP

Cage Match!

Is Class.forName("") really required..

.. or not?

Apache Commons DBCP vs DriverManager..

Cage match!

JNDI Example in Stand Alone Application..

..which returns a Data Source.

Extending the Hello JNDI Example..

..demonstrating how System Properties can be used instead of a HashTable in the Constructor!

JNDI Hello World..

..not much to say really. Just another Hello World!

Helllllooooooo World example with..

..JSF and Tomcat and Jetty and JPA and Hibernate and H2DB and Maven and Twitter Bootstrap and and and..

How to use H2 in Server Mode?

So this is what I have done..

Encoding Problem in Java Web Applications..

..only relevant for first POST request?!?!

Creating a PDF file from an XML file using XSLT and XSL-FO!

And Apache FOP, of course!!!

What is a Web Server? What is API? What is a Markup Language?

Notes from The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming. Document can be downloaded from here freely, free as in "free beer".

Solving the Gender problem in the previous post.. other words, JSF Select Radio Button without tables using Tomahawk!

JSF Form Example with Twitter Bootstrap CSS and custom Radio Button Selection and custom SelectManyCheckBox..

Lets see!

Using JSTL in JSF?

Lets see!

Maven + JSF + Bootstrap example!

Lets see!

Understanding f:attribute and f:param

Lets see!

Presenting a dynamically generated table using JSF core tags and JSTL.

Lets see!

Sorry, what is Facelets?

Lets see!

Changing Locale with AJAX example.

Lets see!

Maven - Multi Module Sample Application!

Lets see!

Core JavaServer Faces Chapter 2 Notes..

Lets see!

JSF example where user changes Locale!

Lets see!

JSF - valueChangeListener example!

Lets see!

What is ASCII and Unicode and a Character Set and this and that and Encoding and a Character...

I am still not sure myself!

How to compile a UTF-16BE encoded Java source file?

Lets see!

String#length method may fool you!


Git Notes.

Notes on Git.

How Are You World? with JSF with features like AJAX, Custom Validator, Custom Converter, Resource Bundles

A medium-sized application.

JSF Ajax Notes

These are my notes.

JSF + Ajax + Custom Validator + FacesMessage example!

Here we go.

JSF Example with Ajax insert and delete..

Here we go.