Building the Hack Computer Hardware in Logisim - Part - 1

..and my notes...

So we will start with a NAND gate, and build the Hack Computer.
This is Part - 1.

And Gate:

Or Gate: 

Xor Gate:

Not Gate:



8-Bit Not Gate:

2-Bit And Gate:

2-Bit Or Gate:

2-Bit Multiplexer:

Or 4-Way:

Multiplexer 4-Way:

Multiplexer 2-Bit 4-Way:

Multiplexer 8-Way:
DeMultiplexer 8-Way:

Half Adder:

Full Adder:

8-Bit Adder:


Arithmetic Logic Unit:

So I will finish Part - 1 here. These were Combinational Gates. Part - 2, I will show Sequential Logics