How is attachment sent via HTTP?

Some little code, and some little experiment..

How to read bytes from a UTF-8 text file in Java...

byte by byte.. Then create a String in memory in Java.

UTF Matters for the last time.

Yes, the last time.

My understanding of Endianness.

I am not sure if I understand in completely!

Writing to a text file with bytes and BOM with UTF-8 in Java

I love UTF-8.

Playing with bytes in Java.

I love bytes.

Java -> Writing to a file with different encodings.

Just some code in action and a little discussion.

The Absolute Minimum I Know About Unicode And Character Sets.

Reminder for myself from this great article.

Java Web App - Servlet - File Download

This is fun as well..

Telnet a HTTP Request to your local Server.

Do it, it is fun!

Printing HTTP Headers in jsp files in Java Web Application.

A complete maven example, as usual.

Using Parameters in Post Redirect Get...

.. instead of keeping the data in Application Scope.

Contexts in Spring Framework!

Notes from this great book!

A Spring Hello World Example with only one Application Context.

So, no hierarchy! Bootstrap in Java, Configuration in Java!

Spring Web Application Example With: Maven, Spring Core, Spring MVC, UTF-8 support.

Also some post-redirect-get in action!