byte to char to int..

and what is the result?!

Static Import Example in Java..

.. from this book .. Chapter 1 - Question 11

How to connect to an FTP Server with Java?

without using any 3rd party libraries?

Apache Commons Logging + Log4J + Maven Hello World!

Log4J scope: runtime!

Log4j Hello World with Maven..

Logger hierarchy, sort of..

Log4j 2 added to my "sakila" Project!

So I can understand what is going on! Log4j 2..

Trim ALL whitespaces from a String in Java..

..for no reason.

Weird 'static' in Java..

Very weird, indeed!

Java Exception Class Hierarchy!

Copied from somewhere!

How did I create an executable jar with dependencies with maven..

..and started it with Spring profiles?

Standalone Maven + Spring + Spring ORM + Hibernate Example!

Sakila DB, of course, but.. but.. where is my persistence.xml?

Java Standalone & Socket Application with Spring Framework + JPA + Hibernate + c3p0 + MySQL!

This is going to be quite long!

How to get the Web Application Context Parameter in a Spring MVC Application?

..and maybe the Servlet Parameter?

Maven Multi-Module - Spring MVC - Web App Example!

Comes with Jetty!

ServletContainerInitializer example!

A standalone jar, a runnable war!

Bean Validation Hello World - Maven Standalone!

Hello JSR 349, but what is all with Red Hat and JBoss?

Where will these META-INF folders end up?

Maven Standard Directory Layout to Java Web Archive Layout..

How did I work with port:80 and https in my local environment..

.. with Tomcat?

Standalone Java MVC application with JPA and..

Hibernate and c3p0 and Many to Many mapping using Sakila DB to show some information to the user based on selections!

JPA Standalone Example with Many to Many..

.. using the Sakila Database!

How to start MySQL in Standalone mode?

  • Download the zip file from here. (File name:

Standalone JPA Example with C3P0 Connection Pool..

.. and H2 Database in Server Mode where Hibernate is the implementation for Java Persistence API!

Switching to non-jta-datasource in persistence.xml..

and not being able to unit-test my code anymore!

Clean Data Objects and Classes!

Notes from Clean Code - Chapter 4!

Clean Code - Functions.

Notes from Clean Code - Chapter 3!

Niçin Yazılım?

Yazar Semih Bilgen 'e teşekkürler. Çok değerli bir kaynak.

Notes on "Elegant Objects (Volume 1)" - continued

Ending Chapter - 4!

Notes on "Elegant Objects (Volume 1)" - continued

Starting Chapter - 4!

Notes on "Elegant Objects (Volume 1)" - continued

Finishing Chapter 3!

Notes on "Elegant Objects (Volume 1)" - continued

Notes from Chapter 3 - Do not use Static Methods!

Notes on "Elegant Objects (Volume 1)" - continued

Notes from first half of Chapter 2 - all about immutable classes..

Notes on "Elegant Objects (Volume 1)" - continued

Notes from first half of Chapter 2.

Notes on "Elegant Objects (Volume 1)"

Here is the link to the book. My notes for Chapter - 1.

Why is my static block not being executed..

..when the class is loaded?

HikariCP - Hello World!

Hello, hello, hello!

BoneCP Hello World!

Hello BoneCP!

JDBC - Hello World!

standalone, with Maven, harnessing Properties!

Standalone JPA Hello World Example..

Here it is..

JavaScript Event Listener and AJAX Hello World!

My JavaScript Cheat Sheet!

HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers..

.. week 3 100% done. Lets take some notes. Here is the link to the course itself!

HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers..

.. week 3 50% done. Lets take some notes. Here is the link to the course itself!

A simple responsive CSS..

My solution to exercise in Chapter 2 of the Coursera course HTML, CSS and Javascript for Web Developers.

Java Standalone CDI Example using Apache OpenWebBeans..

Here we go..

Singleton Pattern with Enums in Java.

Are there any disadvantages? I do not know (as usual)..

When would html lang be ever useful?

I wonder? or do I?

Manual Dependency Injection in a Web App..

.. example. Or maybe I should say manual Application Context example.

My JNDI Notes..


Tomcat Connection Pool vs Apache Commons DBCP

Cage Match!

Is Class.forName("") really required..

.. or not?

Apache Commons DBCP vs DriverManager..

Cage match!

JNDI Example in Stand Alone Application..

..which returns a Data Source.

Extending the Hello JNDI Example..

..demonstrating how System Properties can be used instead of a HashTable in the Constructor!

JNDI Hello World..

..not much to say really. Just another Hello World!

Helllllooooooo World example with..

..JSF and Tomcat and Jetty and JPA and Hibernate and H2DB and Maven and Twitter Bootstrap and and and..

How to use H2 in Server Mode?

So this is what I have done..

Encoding Problem in Java Web Applications..

..only relevant for first POST request?!?!

Creating a PDF file from an XML file using XSLT and XSL-FO!

And Apache FOP, of course!!!

What is a Web Server? What is API? What is a Markup Language?

Notes from The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming. Document can be downloaded from here freely, free as in "free beer".

Solving the Gender problem in the previous post.. other words, JSF Select Radio Button without tables using Tomahawk!

JSF Form Example with Twitter Bootstrap CSS and custom Radio Button Selection and custom SelectManyCheckBox..

Lets see!

Using JSTL in JSF?

Lets see!

Maven + JSF + Bootstrap example!

Lets see!

Understanding f:attribute and f:param

Lets see!

Presenting a dynamically generated table using JSF core tags and JSTL.

Lets see!

Sorry, what is Facelets?

Lets see!

Changing Locale with AJAX example.

Lets see!

Maven - Multi Module Sample Application!

Lets see!

Core JavaServer Faces Chapter 2 Notes..

Lets see!

JSF example where user changes Locale!

Lets see!

JSF - valueChangeListener example!

Lets see!

What is ASCII and Unicode and a Character Set and this and that and Encoding and a Character...

I am still not sure myself!

How to compile a UTF-16BE encoded Java source file?

Lets see!

String#length method may fool you!


Git Notes.

Notes on Git.

How Are You World? with JSF with features like AJAX, Custom Validator, Custom Converter, Resource Bundles

A medium-sized application.

JSF Ajax Notes

These are my notes.

JSF + Ajax + Custom Validator + FacesMessage example!

Here we go.

JSF Example with Ajax insert and delete..

Here we go.

A very simple JSF Validation example!

Here we go.

JSF Table update with Ajax!

Here we go.

JSF Ajax Hello World

Here we go.

JSF Post - Redirect - Get with View parameters example.

Here we go.

A JSF flash scoped example with pulling values from flash in the bean..

..triggered from the UI.

Spring MVC & Spring JDBC with H2 database example!

..with a few tricks.

Spring Standalone running with JVM Parameters

and using bean definitions based on them.

JSF example with H2 in memory DB

Looks easy.

Including with passing parameters with Thymeleaf, with Spring MVC.

Looks easy.

The Design of Everyday Things notes.

Spring MVC + Thymeleaf example!

Just for the fun of it.

Integrating Spring MVC with Velocity Template Engine!

Just for the fun of it.

JSF Templating Notes and Examples.

JSF Lifecycle Notes

Another JSF Example

Here we go..

JSF Converter Example.

Here we go..

Just another tiny JSF example

Here we go..

Navigation Examples in JSF

Here we go..

Navigation Rule example in JSF

Here we go..

Localisation in JSF

Here we go..

Notes from Core JavaServer Faces - Chapter 01

Here they are.. Great book btw..

Flash Scope with JSF and Custom Validator!

Here is the example!

How to create a get link with jsf?

Here is the example!

Hello World with Spring Framework + JSF + Primefaces!

Take a look at this please where Spring and JSF is integrated and Primefaces is used!

Hello World with Spring Framework and JSF integration!

Take a look at this please where Spring and JSF is integrated.

ViewScoped example in JSF

A small ViewScoped example.

Hello World - JSF

This is the smallest JSF Hello World Project, I believe? Or can it be made smaller?

My solutions to nand2tetris Chapter 8 - Part 1

here they are..

nand2tetris - chapter 8 - part 1

.. implementing label, goto and if-goto. I will probably put the whole interpreter code I have later..

Declare an Internal Table based on a local variable..

.. split some strings into the rows of this table..

nand2tetris - chapter 7

vm to hack translator - part 1.

Fill screen of Hack computer..

.. while a key is pressed in keyboard.

Hack Assembly Language, another sample program.

Again, get the value at R0...

Hack Assembly Language - Calculating R0 + ... +R1..

  • Get the value at R0
  • Get the value at R1
  • Find the sum of R0 + (R0 + 1) + (R0 + 2) + ... (R1)

Just a small note about the previous post..


Another example in SAP - ABAP.



..and TOP-OF-PAGE event.

Another Simple SAP - ABAP Example..


Formatting Date in SAP , ABAP.


Another very simple example in SAP - ABAP.


Printing Date in ABAP.


Another Internal Table Example with SAP - ABAP


An Internal Table example with SAP - ABAP..


DDIC Structure in ABAP Code?


Dynamic Heading in SAP - ABAP


Printing some data from table: KNA1 in SAP..


Building the Hack Computer Hardware in Logisim - Part - 4

..and my notes..

ABAP sample with Database View..

..and some code, as usual.

How to remove Standard Header and..

...use TOP-OF-PAGE and END-OF-PAGE events in SAP, ABAP?

Find last day of month of a given date in ABAP - Take 2.

yes, ABAP!!!

Find last day of month of a given date in ABAP.

yes, ABAP!!!

Building the Hack Computer Hardware in Logisim - Part - 3

..and my notes...

Building the Hack Computer Hardware in Logisim - Part - 2

..and my notes...

Building the Hack Computer Hardware in Logisim - Part - 1

..and my notes...

Hack Assembly Code...

..that will fill in all of the screen of the Hack Computer.

Visualising nand2tetris Chapter - 02 Gates

You know, the ones that are created by using nand gates?

Visualising nand2tetris Chapter - 01 Gates

You know, the ones that are created by using nand gates?

Web App with Spring Core only..

Like a boss!

Standalone Spring Example with Java Configuration and Command Line Compile & Run

Like a boss!

Spring, Annotation Based Configuration Example. Compiling and Running from Terminal.

Ah this simple ones..

Very Very Very Simple Spring Managed Java Application Example.

Ah this simple ones..