Spring Configuration Examples With XML and Java

Some examples below...

Different Ways of Bootstrapping the Spring Framework..

.. in Web Applications!

Another way to bootstrap Spring in a Java Web Application

This example uses AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer.!

Spring Hello World Example - Stand Alone

Maybe the simplest Spring Example?

Spring XML bootstrap + config vs Spring Java bootstrap + config

Here, we, go..

Spring Web MVC with XML configuration example!

Bootstrap in Deployment Descriptor!

Another Example with Spring(MVC) + Maven + Jetty + JSP + MySQL Java Web App..

Yet another tiny-miny web page I made for fun!

Bootstrapping and Configuring Spring with no XML, only Java in a Web Application..

.. using WebApplicationInitializer! Configuration in Java as well! RootContext and Webapp Context! Component scan enabled!

Understanding Application Contexts in Spring Framework!

I will want to remember these!

Spring MVC Example with Java Configuration and Java Bootstrap!

Java Web Application with one Application Context (no root context)! Context loaded in Java class! All configuration in Java!

Unit Testing with loading Spring Context!

Spring Container - Standalone Java - XML Configuration..