Spring Scopes in Stand Alone Application Example

Not a Web App... No no.. Just an old school stand alone app!

Generating an HTML file from an XSL Style Sheet and an XML using Java.

For future reference..

XPath example in local with XML and JavaScript!

For future reference..

How to consume XML with Java?

Could have been easier, no?

Map lost my key!

Are you having trouble finding your keys in Maps?

Some notes on Exception Handling in Java!

Mostly copy / paste with sources linked..

How many ways are there to Config and Bootstrap a Standalone Spring Application?

Quite a few, it seems..

A Standalone Java Application with Spring Framework!

Building with Maven, running manually!

A very very very simple Spring Hello World with NO XML!

Have I already said this was a simple one?

The Ultimate Hello World with: Maven + Spring (Spring MVC + ORM) + JPA + Tomcat

This is the Ultimate Hello World!

web.xml Example!

A plain old web.xml!

JPA Mapping Examples..

Just a few of them..

Many To One JPA Example

Here is my example!

Example with: JPA + Servlet + Jetty + MySQL + Hibernate as implementation

I changed the configuration from Hibernate to Java Persistence. Here it goes...

Hibernate Hello World + Servlet + Maven + MySQL + XML Configuration - 2

I improved this code here a little.

Hibernate with XML configuration in a Web Application Example!

Just a Hello World!

Spring Configuration Examples With XML and Java

Some examples below...

Different Ways of Bootstrapping the Spring Framework..

.. in Web Applications!

Another way to bootstrap Spring in a Java Web Application

This example uses AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer.!

Spring Hello World Example - Stand Alone

Maybe the simplest Spring Example?

Spring XML bootstrap + config vs Spring Java bootstrap + config

Here, we, go..

Spring Web MVC with XML configuration example!

Bootstrap in Deployment Descriptor!

Another Example with Spring(MVC) + Maven + Jetty + JSP + MySQL Java Web App..

Yet another tiny-miny web page I made for fun!

Bootstrapping and Configuring Spring with no XML, only Java in a Web Application..

.. using WebApplicationInitializer! Configuration in Java as well! RootContext and Webapp Context! Component scan enabled!

Understanding Application Contexts in Spring Framework!

I will want to remember these!

Spring MVC Example with Java Configuration and Java Bootstrap!

Java Web Application with one Application Context (no root context)! Context loaded in Java class! All configuration in Java!

Unit Testing with loading Spring Context!

Spring Container - Standalone Java - XML Configuration..

A Standalone Java Program with Spring Container..

.. configured with a class, bootstrapped in code!

Sample Maven Java Web Application Project with: MySQL - Servlets - JSP - JSTL and Tomcat

Let's go!

Java Web App - HttpSession

This is a small example that shows HTTP Sessions in a Java Web App.

File Upload With Servlets Example!

Go, go, go!

CSS and jQuery Selectors!

Bash, Shell, Terminal, Console, etc, etc..

I was confused about these terms so I made a summary from various resources I found.

typedef function pointer example in C

Here it is!

Null Pointer in C!

Here it is..

Understanding the signal method in C.

Here it is:

C - Pointers to Functions Example..

Yes, just another one!

C code that gets filename from the user and prints the contents of the file in the console...

Just another example...

fork and sleep example in C

Just another example...

open() System Call Example in C

Programming in C Notes

Notes from the book: Programming in C (3rd Edition) Paperback – July 18, 2004 by Stephen G. Kochan 

What is a 32 bit or 64 bit computer? What is Word Size in Computers?

3 definitions from 3 different sources!

Java Virtual Machine - Summary

Some information I would like to remember about Java Virtual Memory. Content mainly from: Inside the Java 2 Virtual Machine.

Notes on Java Architecture

Lets see!

Server Socket Example in C

Here is my code..

Read from text file and XOR in C!

Title says it all!

How to compile, assemble and create object files from .c file? (C source code?)

Some information I would like to remember in the future, content summary of: Head First C.

Passing function to a function in C


Recursive struct example in C.


struct and typedef example in C

Here is my code!

C, printing String reverse..

Here is my code!

Head First C, Search Song

The code proposed in the book is buggy. Here is my solution!

Hack Assembly Language Assembler Implementation

Content is a summary and my notes mainly but not only from:

The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles
by Noam Nisan

Hack Computer Machine Language The Elements of Computing Systems Project 4 Solution

Content is a summary and my notes mainly but not only from:

The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles
by Noam Nisan

Hack Assembly Language

Content is a summary and my notes mainly but not only from:

The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles
by Noam Nisan

Operating System Structures

Content is a summary and my notes mainly but not only from:

Operating System Concepts with Java
by Abraham Silberschatz  (Author), Peter B. Galvin (Author), Greg Gagne  (Author)

Java ServerSocket Example..

..and connecting to it with Telnet!

Another Assembly Code Example Just For Reference

Here you go..

Lowercase / Uppercase in Assembly Language

In this blog post I want to show how to lowercase letters by using Assembly Language.

Standart Unix Files, stdin, stdout, stderr, I/O Redirection

Everything is a file. A file can be a collection of data on disk; but in more general terms, a file is an endpoint on a path taken by data.

What is Assembly Language?

Notes on Assembly Language..