Big Endian & Little Endian, What is the Difference?

In this post I will try to demonstrate the difference between Big Endian and Little Endian, or so called Endianness!

Notes on Data Representation, Signed and Unsigned integers, bytes etc..

Computers store, present, and help us modify many different types of data, including:
  • Numbers
  • Text
  • Audio
  • Images and graphics 
  • Video

Mapping Multiple Domains to Same Ip and Port but different applications on Tomcat

Assume you are running Tomcat on ip: and port: 80. Now you want that and both redirect to this ip and this port, but show different pages to the user. How can you do this with Tomcat?

Running Multiple Instances of Tomcat on a Single Machine

Everything you need is here.

What is Tomcat? Is it a Web Server? What can Tomcat do? How is it different than Apache Web Server?

As it was a bit confusing for me, I made a small research on these and wanted to share some notes here.

Notes on Basic Network Concepts - Java Network Programming

  • A network is a collection of computers and other devices that can send data to and receive data from one another.

Protocols of the Internet!

Taken from here!

Java Streams and I/0

I/O in Java is built on Streams. Input Streams read data, Output Streams write data.

DTD files and XSD files?

Maybe a little XML?

What is Java? What is JDK? What is JRE? What is JVM?

What is the difference between them?

What does Class.forname method do?

It initialises a Class, dumbass!

Templating, Template Engines and Apache Velocity!!!

A Template Engine (or a Template Processor) is a piece of software or a software component that is designed to combine one or more templates with a data model to produce one or more result documents.

Internatilization and Localization in JSP

using Java Standard Tag Library a.k.a. JSTL!

Java - HTTP Session Example with Listener and Filter

Here we go..

File Upload Example with Java Servlets + JSP

Here it is..

How to create a custom Tag in Java?

Here is how..