Books Every (Java (Web)) Developer Must Read!

I will be updating this list !!!

File Templates I Use Frequently!!!

Lets see!

When do I need (not) to cast summation of bytes in Java?

It is about constant expressions and compile time constant expressions and constant variables!

My Notes on Java Operators..

What is the difference between a character set and encoding?

And while we are at it, what is collation?

A very simple Java Challange..

.. on operator precedence & bit-wise operators and conditional operators!

Object Oriented Programming to Callback Functions..

.. or the other way around!

My Notes from "The Code Book"

Java - 100 Doors implementation

Here is the challange!

Another Caesar Cipher implementation.. Java. As Usual..

Caesar Cipher implementation in Java..

.. with some maven magic going on..

nand2tetris - Project 12

Screen.jack implementation!