Books Every (Java (Web)) Developer Must Read!

I will be updating this list !!!

File Templates I Use Frequently!!!

Lets see!

Playing with new features in Java 7..

related to Exceptions!

assert related practice questions!

without answers! Good luck!

CallableStatement Examples!

..using the Sakila Database!

Reusing a Statement Object..

.. and the ResultSet!

H2DB supported ResultSetTypes..

.. using DatabaseMetaData!

ResultSetMetaData Hello World!

Get information about the table you are playing with using ResultSetMetaData.

A simple JDBC - Commit & Rollback related question!

Extended Persistence Context and merge() example in JPA!

So I was reading this page..

MappedSuperClass example!

Documentation is here!

Moving forward with toy Standalone JPA Project..

.. which utilizes a few more things including H2DB in auto server mode, Named Query example and an EntityListener!