Books Every (Java (Web)) Developer Must Read!

I will be updating this list !!!

File Templates I Use Frequently!!!

Lets see!

What goes in the String Pool in Java?

Basically only literal strings (ie, written in your source "like this") are interned automatically.

Trim ALL whitespaces from a String in Java..

..for no reason.

Weird 'static' in Java..

Very weird, indeed!

Java Exception Class Hierarchy!

Copied from somewhere!

How did I create an executable jar with dependencies with maven..

..and started it with Spring profiles?

Standalone Maven + Spring + Spring ORM + Hibernate Example!

Sakila DB, of course, but.. but.. where is my persistence.xml?

Java Standalone & Socket Application with Spring Framework + JPA + Hibernate + c3p0 + MySQL!

This is going to be quite long!

How to get the Web Application Context Parameter in a Spring MVC Application?

..and maybe the Servlet Parameter?

Maven Multi-Module - Spring MVC - Web App Example!

Comes with Jetty!

ServletContainerInitializer example!

A standalone jar, a runnable war!