End of Life

I am not using this blog anymore !!! I will only be posting at www.koraytugay.com from now on!

Books Every (Java (Web)) Developer Must Read!

I will be updating this list !!!

File Templates I Use Frequently!!!

Lets see!

Pascal's Triangle - Java Solution

Somehow I ended up here and decided to solve it in Java!

RESTful Spring Application Example!

A very basic, starter template for your RESTful Spring needs!

Python 103

Dictionaries, Sets, Nesting !

Python 102

range, min, max, sum, slice!

Python 101..

Back to school!

HackerRank - Super Reduced String

Reduced indeed!

Queens Attack II - Java Solution!

Here is the problem!

A Program That Packs a Folder of Files into a file..

..and of course unpacks it later!

Making the previous example more Springy..

.. and using the DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator!