End of Life

I am not using this blog anymore !!! I will only be posting at www.koraytugay.com from now on!

File Templates I Use Frequently!!!

Lets see!

RESTful Spring Application Example!

A very basic, starter template for your RESTful Spring needs!

Python 103

Dictionaries, Sets, Nesting !

Python 102

range, min, max, sum, slice!

A Program That Packs a Folder of Files into a file..

..and of course unpacks it later!

Making the previous example more Springy..

.. and using the DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator!

Spring AOP with custom Annotation without AspectJ example!

A what example did you say?

All 4 Available Advice Types in Spring..

..! Yes I know I said 4! Check this if you do not believe me! It is not 5, it is 4. (long pause) unless(sss) you are using AspectJ support! Then you get AfterFinally, which is not available here!

BeanNameAutoProxyCreator & DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator examples!

Keyword here is: AutoProxyCreator!

What is the difference between JdkRegexpMethodPointcut..

and RegexpMethodPointcutAdvisor?

JdkRegexpMethodPointcut example!

J-- D-- K-- Regexppp what?